Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, August 4

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Published on August 4th, 2010  |  Discuss This Article  

Happy Cool Green Wednesday!

  1. Despite federal protection, cute little California sea otters are on the decline, and no one seems to know why.  (Wired)
  2. Up to 80 percent of the world’s marine species remain undiscovered, says a new study.  (YaleE360)
  3. Climate legislation might be at a standstill, but the climate isn’t taking a break.  (DotEarth)
  4. Static kill sounds great and all, but experts say the relief well is the only way to really shut down the Gulf oil spill for good.  (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Since 2007, more than a trillion dollars has been invested in green business.  (GreenBiz)
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, August 4

  •  Comment from Jack Enright

    When visiting Carmel by the Sea, I looked out to the beds of kelp and could see otters rolling in the strands and diving for abalone. There was not many places along the beach that otters could stay unmolested by dogs and people. So maybe the otters have no place to rest on land. They are being attacked by sharks in the water and denied access to the land. Same problem turtles have with all the beachcombers there are nowadays. The marine mammals need refuges along our shores. The shores also belong to them. If we do not share then our children will only see these creatures in fairy tales. Perhaps we should listen to the elders of the Native American Nations. These animals are our brothers. The works of scientists is a good thing indeed but without public support who is going to pay them to continue their work. Science provides us with unbiased facts which can show us the health of species in an environment. This may prevent another condo along a pristine sanctuary. Question is: do enough of us care?

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