Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 30

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Published on April 30th, 2010  |  Discuss This Article  

If it’s nice weather where you are — go outside today and say thank you to nature. But read your cool greens first….

  1. Controlling feral cats in ecologically sensitive areas: Is “trap, neuter, return” working? (Conservation Maven)
  2. Artists — what won’t they take on? Today, it’s the decline of honeybee populations. (Treehugger)
  3. Obvious Study of the Day: Ethanol production happens more in the states that subsidize it the most. (Solve Climate)
  4. Even Vladimir Putin is worried about climate change and polar bears. (Green/NY Times)
  5. Does climate change science’s credibility depend on being upfront about climate change science uncertainty? (Dot Earth)
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 30

  •  Comment from Francis Chin

    My favourite fantasy when I retire:

    竹 里 館
    王 維
    獨 坐 幽 篁 裡,
    彈 琴 復 長 嘯
    深 林 人 不 知
    明 月 來 相 照

    Alone in the bamboo grove
    I play the lute and sing to myself
    In the deep wood where no one knows
    Only the bright moon intrudes.
    (Wang Wei, Tang Dynasty)

    I’m afraid there won’t be much “deep wood” left in the world when I retire, unless people like the Nature Conservancy are still around doing their good work.

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