Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 18

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Published on December 18th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Five great green stories to distract you while you wait anxiously for the latest news from Copenhagen:

  1. Weird Solar Device of the Day goes to…this solar-powered, Joseph Cornell-like live insect theater box (Treehugger).
  2. Buy an electric car for less than $900? You can in Oklahoma through New Year’s Eve…although it tops out at 25 mph (EcoGeek).
  3. Speaking of electric cars — here’s why 2010 might be a critical year for their future (Planetary Gear).
  4. Inhabitat names its top 8 green iPhone apps.
  5. New PLoS One study: If an area is protected, it’s probably already remote and inaccessible to humans (Journal Watch Online).
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 18

  •  Comment from Kebaya

    I like story number 2 and 3.
    Problem about electric car is not just about the car emission but it’s also the source of electricity itself. If the the source of power comes from burning coal or other unclean energy then this doesn’t really solve our main problem.
    It’s just simply moving all of the car exhaust and putting them altogether to the energy plant.

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