Cool Green Morning: Monday, December 7

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Published on December 7th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It’s the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor…and the opening of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen. (Don’t draw any inferences from that coincidence.) It might be snowy and freezing where you are, but it’s always cool and green here every weekday…

  1. 56 newspapers in 45 countries have published op-eds this morning urging decisive action at  in Copenhagen, reports The Guardian — including Le Monde, the Miami Herald and Qatar’s Gulf Times. (Read The Guardian‘s op-ed here.)
  2. On the other hand, The Green Skeptic outlines why he’s not in Copenhagen — and why he thinks the “climate crisis campaign” has given way to “climate chaos,” including the ever-present climate change e-mail scandal.
  3. Can performance art save Antarctica? DJ Spooky’s giving it a shot with his new multimedia piece about climate change and the continent, reports Treehugger.
  4. Can’t stay away from that darn climate change e-mail scandal — does it exemplify the media’s fetish for balance over truth? Real Climate says the “balance” meme over reporting on global warming has infected such big-name journalists as NPR’s Richard Harris and Dot Earth’s Andy Revkin.
  5. Finally, even sharks might be getting hot over climate change — warmer ocean temps might be causing Jaws and other fish to get up to 30 times more aggressive than normal, say researchers at the University of New South Wales. (Hat tip: Dot Earth.)
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