Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 4

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Published on December 4th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It was hard, so very hard — but we managed to put together a climate-email-controversy-free Cool Green Morning for you today, filled with birdfeeders that spur evolution and a Wright-Brothers moment for a solar plane. Enjoy your green weekend!

  1. That bird feeder you’re filling every week (or every day at our house) — it could be driving evolution. So says a study in Current Biologylisten to this podcast from 60-Second Science. (Then go sweep all the seed hulls off your patio.)
  2. So let’s say countries commit to reduce their carbon emissions — how do we know they’re actually following through? Climate Compass says too many countries are uncomfortable with such verification — and that the United States needs to lead on a strong independent monitoring system.
  3. It’s OK to put up that wind turbine, Pa! The U.S. Department of Energy says property values are not affected by nearby commercial wind farms, reports Ecopolitology. (Hey — it’s better than looking out the kitchen window at Three Mile Island…)
  4. Can a small woodland owner sell forest carbon offsets? She can now in Pennsylvania, thanks to The Nature Conservancy and Blue Source. (Hat tip: Environmental Leader.)
  5. The world’s first solar plane took off and landed safely yesterday in Switzerland — a prelude to an eventual round-the-world flight, says Autopia…even if the initial flight was only 350 meters at a foot off the ground. (Hat tip: Inhabitat.)
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