Cool Green Morning: Thursday, December 3

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Published on December 3rd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Electric cars, open ocean fish farms, REDD, Google. From California to Denmark and Brazil to Alaska. Yes, we’re covering all the hot issues in all the hot places around this little planet of ours. Check it all out in Cool Green Morning.

  1. Google and Arnold Schwarzenegger make a formidable team: yesterday the Gov of California unveiled a new Google Earth tool that shows where rising seas and increased wildlfires could hit.
  2. Is open ocean fish farming the future of seafood? Yale 360 reports on the growing movement to raise fish in farms offshore in order to avoid the deleterious environmental impacts of nearshore farming practices.
  3. Denmark is hoping that incentives will get more people to buy electric cars. Even in this super-eco-conscious country, electric cars haven’t been big sellers — so now the government is offering a $40,000 tax break and free parking to help entice car buyers.
  4. Residents of Shismaref, Alaska, know first-hand what climate change can do: they’re watching their homes fall into the ocean and their coastline erode due to a warming climate.
  5. Brazil wants to incorporate REDD into its climate change plans, with a few conditions: the country will support saving trees as long as industrialized nations agree to use up to 10 percent of their emissions credits to invest in forest projects.
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