Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 30

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Published on November 30th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Thanksgiving: Gain 5 pounds, take 5 days off. Monday After Thanksgiving: Come back to work, find 5 great new green stories, fresh from the online space. I’ll make that trade-off any Cool Green Morning. (See you on the elliptical.)

  1. Who’s going to save one of the world’s largest peat swamp forests from being drained (and thus releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere)? A huge Indonesian lumber company says it has the answer — plant an industrial forest ring around the swamp, reports The New York Times. (Yes, there are skeptics.)
  2. Could rising temperatures cause wars? They already have in Africa, says a new report in PNAS. (Hat tip: Green Inc.)
  3. Are carbon credits like rollover cell-phone minutes? Russia has a lot of  credits under the Kyoto agreement that it wants carried over into any new international climate treaty, but others are saying that would cripple any deal, reports the Washington Post.
  4. 6.7 million acres; 8 rangers. That’s the situation at Alto Purús National Park, the country’s largest and the third-largest park in South America, says Ecopolitology — which asks whether the Western model of parks will ever be sustainable in the developing world.
  5. Are those stolen climate emails a big problem for the perceived legitimacy of climate research, as The Guardian‘s George Monbiot argues? The Vine has a good rundown of the controversy and where we go from here.
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