Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, November 25

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Published on November 25th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

There’s a lot to be thankful this morning, readers. The majority of Americans believe that climate change is happening, and want to do something about it.  Someday, your cell phone’s waste heat could actually make its battery last longer.  There’s hope for a rise in e-recycling.

Something else we’re thankful for? A well-deserved long weekend. Consume all the delicious holiday treats you can stomach over the next few days, but please leave room for a heaping serving of must-read green (that’s how you know it’s good for you) news, served fresh (no more leftovers!) on Monday morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that the majority of Americans believe global warming is a real, serious problem– and more than half support a national cap on greenhouse gas emissions.  Good news, for sure, but the results also indicate that climate skepticism has grown since 2006.  (Hat tip:  Grist.)
  2. Almost one hundred German McDonald’s restaurants are swapping their familiar red logo for something a little greener, a move that’s supposed to illustrate the chain’s commitment to eco-initiatives.  But GreenBiz isn’t convinced the change is anything more than a little old-fashioned greenwashing.
  3. Researchers at MIT think they may have discovered a way to turn waste heat into a power source, reports EcoGeekWhy this is really awesome:  the new technology could make laptops and cell phones run twice as long on a single battery charge, and could ultimately even lead to more efficient power plants, cars and planes.
  4. Sushi lovers, bewarethat tuna on your plate might be a critically endangered species, according to a new report in PLoS ONE.  Also a little scary:  more than half of sushi samples labeled “white tuna” weren’t tuna at all, but escolar– a fish banned in Italy and Japan because it can cause some unpleasant gastrointestinal effects.  (Hat tip:  Mongabay.)
  5. Americans generate more than three million tons of e-waste in a year, but one U.S. rep is trying to make sure Congress won’t be contributing to that pile of junk in the future, says Bright Green Blog.  A new resolution, now in committee, proposes that the entire legislative branch recycle its computers, cell phones and other electronics with certified e-recyclers.  The entire country/world probably needs a similar resolution.
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  •  Comment from Antique Salvage

    I love to see that people in America are seeing that global warming is real. I just get so frustrated when I hear people saying that global warming is not real. How much evidence do they need??? There are so many ways that you can help save the earth and it can even save you money. I hope to see more people responding to blogs like this.

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