Cool Green Morning: Thursday, November 12

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Published on November 12th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

If it’s cool and green, we’ve got it this morning. Open your eyes and read on for the latest news about hybrids hitting pedestrians, tuna fishing killing albatross and the local benefits of nature tourism.

  1. Are hybrids more likely to hit pedestrians and bicyclists than other car types, as a new study reports? Treehugger analyzes the data.
  2. Andrew Revkin at DotEarth takes a look at the topic of how journalists and scientists can effectively communicate about environmental topics like marine pollution.
  3. Did an albatross die so you could eat a tuna sandwich for lunch today? Probably, says Scientific American. A new report says tuna fishing kills an albatross every five minutes.
  4. Sure, scientist Stephen Schneider made a mistake back in 1971 when he predicted that aerosol pollution would cause a global cooling effect, but today he’s considered a leading climatologist. Check out this Q&A with him from The New Republic.
  5. Thinking about taking a vacation this winter? A new study finds that nature tourism doesn’t necessarily bring more money to the pockets of local people – although the longer the stay, the more benefits for the local economy. 
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  •  Comment from TimB

    The study of nature based tourism and local livelihoods? N = 1. One case. One site (in Uganda). This study says much more about what is happening there, than the effectiveness of ecotourism in general.

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