Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 28

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Published on October 28th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

There are more trees out there than previously thought. Carbon emissions may soon be offset with a text message. Tractor-trailers might be going green (really?). It’s a yucky, rainy morning here in Cool Green Science Land, so let’s brighten it up with some nice, happy (for the most part) green news:

  1. Best headline of the morning award goes to Bright Green Blog: “Surprise!  The world has more trees than you probably think.” New satellite imagery shows that trees actually cover a significant chunk of the world’s farmlands, indicating that maybe agriculture and deforestation don’t always go hand in hand.
  2. Ethiopian farmers may soon be able to run carbon offsets operations via text message, according to Green Inc., which could help small farmers significantly increase their profits, in addition to reducing the carbon impact of large emitters. Win-win for everyone.
  3. Computer company Dell has “planted” a number of solar trees in its headquarters’ parking lot.  CleanTechnica says that the solar trees will provide 130,000 kilowatts per year to the facility, as well as lots of shade and charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles.
  4. A new report reveals that, thanks to the Pacific garbage patch, the diet of the Pacific albatross now consists of large quantities of plastic, including lighters, fishing line and, in one case, a sealed bottle of face lotion, says Scientific American’s Observations blog. Mmm, just like Mom used to make.
  5. The trucking industry is primed for a sparkly green makeover, says GreenBiz. Recent analysis shows that the technology already exists to double the energy efficiency of long-haul trucks, which will ultimately keep operating costs down and increase profits — the industry just needs to get on board.
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 28

  •  Comment from TimB

    More trees? Such a glowing report about trees from the World Agroforestry Centre obscures a critical issue – namely that all trees are not equal (oil palms or banana trees are not the same as a natural forest). Most of the “trees” in agricultural areas will have very little biodiversity value and are specifically used for agriculture/pulp/products.

    And lastly, I went to their (WAC) site and could not even find the report!!!

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