Cool Green Morning; Thursday, October 22

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Published on October 22nd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

You won’t see it in any headlines today, but let’s just give a quick shout-out to The Nature Conservancy for turning 58 today! Yep, that’s right, today is the day we were incorporated back in 1951. Times certainly have changed – greenhouse gas emissions, iPhone apps and wind farms are the topics du jour – but conservation is still as relevant as ever. Read on for your daily dose of the latest cool green news from the blogosphere.

  1. Does your iPhone measure the speed of wind? It could with a new application designed to raise consciousness about wind power. The app is more of a marketing tactic than scientific tool, but the makers hope to ultimately develop a database of wind maps.
  2. The environmental impacts of eating meat are becoming more and more well known, but a new report says those impacts have actually been underestimated. The analysis from Worldwatch Institute says 51 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from raising livestock and poultry, far more than the 18 percent found by a 2006 FAO report.
  3. Cutting down trees to save monarch butterflies? A major bark beetle infestation in Mexico’s fir trees have left officials with two choices — cut the trees down or spray them with insecticides. Since the latter would kill both the beetle and the monarch, officials are racing to fell some 9,000 infected trees before the butterflies arrive in late October.
  4. It’s the story of the bat versus the wind turbine… or environmentalist versus environmentalist: a West Virginia spelunker is trying to stop the development of a wind farm because of the possible threat to endangered Indiana bats living in nearby caves.
  5. San Francisco already wins the award for the city that recycles the most, but the city just doesn’t want to stop there: a new ordinance mandates that all building owners — commercial and residential — must sign up for recycling and composting services. Officials say the law is already having an impact, even though it just went into effect.
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