Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, October 20

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Published on October 20th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It seems that everything comes back to climate change… sudden aspen decline, Hurricane Katrina, the Patriots playing in the snow and more. Check it out in today’s round-up of Cool Green Morning news links.

  1. According to a new poll, American voters still don’t think climate change should be high on the government’s agenda. The poll from Politico found that just 4 percent of people think climate change is a top priority — far below the 45 percent who ranked the economy as most important. 
  2. First there was bee colony collapse disorder, then white-nose syndrome…now, sadly, Mother Nature has a new malady: sudden aspen decline. Across the West aspen trees are dying off in huge numbers due to a syndrome that scientists believe is caused by global warming (you knew it, didn’t you?).
  3. Climate change hits the courts: the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans has ruled that Hurricane Katrina victims can sue oil and gas companies for contributing to the global warming that worsened Katrina.
  4. In case this weekend’s snowfall in New England (in October!) got you thinking maybe global warming isn’t such a big deal afterall, Bright Green Blog has some helpful reminders about just how climate change works — think long-term trends.
  5. Is climate change indirectly causing more disease in humans? Scientists have noted a rise in disease transmission from wildlife to humans, spurring interest in a new field known as “conservation medicine” that looks to understand the connection between human health and environmental changes, particularly climate change.
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  •  Comment from Climates Change

    Of course the American people care more about the Economy, it is a more immediate problem. But there is no reason that we cant fix the economy and help prevent climate change with joint solutions. We don’t have to choose one or the other.

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