Cool Green Morning: Monday, October 19

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Published on October 19th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Salmon adapting to dams? Solar panels causing climate change? Optimistic conservationists? There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. We are now in control of the transmission…here on the best darn roundup of daily cool green news ever:

  1. The Royal Botanic Gardens in England announces that it’s collected seeds from almost 10 percent of the 300,000 seed-bearing plants on Earth…the first phase of a project to create a seed bank of every plant known to man. (Hat tip: Yale Environment 360.)
  2. The Oregonian newspaper reports on controversial scientific findings that Chinook salmon might be adapting to survive dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest…by delaying their trips up the river a year and growing bigger. (Hat tip: WaterWired.)
  3. Could solar panels really be contributing to climate change by reradiating heat because they’re so dark? (Come again?) Ask Pablo of Treehugger punctures the myth, started (Pablo says) by the authors of the book Freakanomics.
  4. Climate change reported on TV? Not likely, says a new report in the journal Communications Research, which states people who use the Internet and read newspapers are much more likely to be concerned about global warming. (Hat tip: Mongabay.)
  5. Here’s a new one on Cool Green Science: Are conservationists too optimistic? A new study in the journal Biological Conservation says “conservationists are setting population targets too low to give species a decent shot at long-term survival,” reports Journal Watch Online. (You need a miminum of 5,000 adults, say the authors.)
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