Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 16

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Published on October 16th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Phew, that was a furious Blog Action Day ’09 yesterday — with more than 13,000 blogs posting 27,000 blog posts in 24 hours on climate change in 155 countries to almost 18 million readers. (The Nature Conservancy and Cool Green Science were thrilled to be partners in the effort.) But the sun has risen again — and this day brings new word of disappointment for extremely rare turtles, a decrease in American driving, and bad news for freshwater species. Consume it all below:

  1. It’s back to the, er, drawing board for the last female Yangtze giant soft-shelled turtle in the world (see video) — she (known by the nickname “China Doll”) laid 188 eggs this year, but none of them hatched, reports EcoWorldly.
  2. Why is Senator Lindsay Graham now supporting a climate change bill? The Vine says the South Carolina Republican has  been swayed by the climate-change-is-a-national-security argument and by South Carolina hunters who are seeing the effects of climate change on the landscape. Kate Galbraith at Green Inc. says his constituents are giving him heat for his new stance.
  3. More ice, please! Bright Green Blog reports that the Arctic ice cap is melting so fast, it will be gone during summers in a generation, says a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge.
  4. Has driving jumped the shark? Fifty percent of American drivers are driving less than usual, says a new Harris poll reported in Environmental Leader, with 18 percent walking to places more than they did six months ago. (Self-powered scooters don’t show up as an option in the poll, even though they’re seemingly everywhere these days.)
  5. Finally, some cheery news for the weekend: Freshwater species are the most threatened on Earth, reports Mongabay, with their extinction rates four to six times that for terrestrial and marine species. Even worse, say scientists, the problem is being completely ignored at the policy level.
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