Cool Green Morning: Thursday, October 8

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Published on October 8th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Solar roads, “artificial trees” that pull CO2 from the air, and using dead people to run the air conditioning unit… it’s just another round-up of Cool Green News.

  1. Driving on glass sounds kind of sketchy, but an Idaho-based engineer has invented solar panels that you can indeed drive on. The next step is lots and lots of testing.
  2. U.S. climate legislation is coming down to nuclear power and offshore drilling — Republicans say they might support a bill if they can get more of the above, and Dems say they’re willing to negotiate.
  3. Here’s another cool new technology for fighting climate change: devices called “artificial trees” that can pull CO2 from the atmosphere. But many questions need to be answered before it can be implemented widely, says David Biello in Yale Environment 360.
  4. Warning, this one’s a little creepy: A Taiwan company is using the waste heat from their crematorium furnaces to help generate electricity to power building air conditioners.
  5. A new study from The Naure Conservancy (hey, that’s us!) and partners compares interest in outdoor activities with donations to conservation groups. Turns out that hiking and backpacking are correlated with higher giving rates than visits to public lands…which could spell trouble for conservation’s piggy bank if the decline in activities like hiking continues. Read more about the study.
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