Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 7

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Published on October 7th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Lots of good news today, readers!  The fate of tuna:  not necessarily hopelessGlobal carbon emissions are downDrinking wine from a barrel is a totally green thing to do!  Who doesn’t love kicking off their Cool Green Morning on a positive note?:

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?  Yale Environment 360 reports that as a result of the recession, global carbon emissions will drop 3% in 2009.  About 75% of the decline is attributed to a decrease in industrial activity, while the rest comes from switches to renewable and alternative energy sources.
  2. UPS is offering customers “a greener way to ship” (no, not teleportation– I wish!).  Customers now have the option of offsetting their shipping emissions for as little as five cents per package, reports GreenBiz.
  3. As if you needed another reason to feel guilty about sushi binges and tuna melts:  The Christian Science Monitor breaks down the plight of the tuna, a species that researchers claim could be on the edge of a “biological collapse.” The good news?  We might be able to stop it.
  4. Solar roof shingles are now a real, actual thing, says CleanTechnica.  Homeowners interested in producing their own electricity could be slapping them on their roofs in less than two years.
  5. Drinking from a barrel– it’s not just for old-timey pirates anymore.  According to Green Inc., storing and shipping wine in barrels, rather than glass bottles, significantly reduces wine’s carbon footprint.  Supposedly, it still tastes great.
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