Cool Green Morning: Monday, October 5

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Published on October 5th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

From hopeful signs for the orangutan to an ATM that recycles your cellphones — we’ve got our arms around the whole wide green world here at Cool Green Morning:

  1. What are the must-read climate books to get you ready for the UN conference in Copenhagen in December? Climate Feedback surveys some leading climate experts.
  2. More Arctic mammals than just the polar bear are under stress from climate change — the Pacific walrus is suffering from the loss of Arctic sea ice, reports Andy Revkin on Dot Earth.
  3. Can the orangutan be saved from conversion of rainforests into palm oil plantations? Mongabay reports that conservationists and palm oil companies are meeting in Malaysia on the issue. (Former Conservancy scientist and Cool Green Science blogger Erik Meijaard is quoted in the piece.)
  4. The decline of large predators worldwide is leading to an increase in smaller predators — and that’s wreaking havoc on ecosystems and economic systems, says a new report in Bioscience. (Hat tip: Yale Environment 360.)
  5. What about an ATM that recycles your old cell phones and gives you money if they’re still worth something? If you live in Omaha, you’ve got one — called the EcoATM — reports Crave.
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