Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 2

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Published on October 2nd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It’s Friday and you might already be thinking about your weekend, or at least the cocktail you’ll start the weekend with at 5:01 pm today. If you like your martinis straight-up and dry, this morning’s news round-up featuring climate change is for you. We hope it doesn’t leave you shaken… just a little stirred.

  1. Bill McKibben has a message for President Obama in The New Republic: negotiating on climate change is not the same as health care because “climate is unlikely to haggle.” (Hat-tip: The Vine.) 
  2. A new study looks at how climate change will affect agriculture by 2050, finding potential impacts like huge price increases for wheat, rice and maize that could lead to an estimated 25 million more malnourished children.
  3. Population growth, not climate change, is to blame for the severe drought that hit the Southeast from 2005-2007, say researchers.
  4. The timing of a new report on America’s national parks couldn’t be better, considering that Ken Burns’ new documentary is on everyone’s TV screens. The report finds some 25 parks are threatened from climate change as well as natural ecological changes.
  5. A group of economists are encouraging U.S. policy makers to think of climate legistlation as “planetary climate insurance.”
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