Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 29

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Published on September 29th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It’s a doozy of a morning here at Cool Green Morning — we’ve got overpopulation vs. overconsumption, tropical rainforests, green brands and more. It’s all in a day’s news.

  1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s opposition to climate change has cost it another member – power company Exelon is the third major utility to pull out of the chamber in the past week.
  2. Most talk about tropical rainforest focuses around deforestation — how to keep forests standing. But scientists at the 2009 Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation conference asked another big question: Will tropical trees survive climate change?
  3. Want to know what America’s 10 greenest brands are? Marc Gunther points out that until “green” is defined, there’s no real way to answer that question. But a new survey of consumer opinions offers a list of what buyers think are the greenest companies.
  4. Scientists have created a meandering river in the lab in order to study best practices for stream restoration. The artificial river, built in a 17-meter-long basin, started with one bend but over time developed five bends, functioning much like a meandering stream in nature.
  5. The elephant in the room for conservationists has always been overpopulation — how can we save habitats and wildlife if population growth isn’t limited? But an editorial by Fred Pearce in the New Scientist says the real problem is overconsumption. Population, says Pearce, regulates itself. (Hat-tip: Treehugger.)
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