Our ROV: And the Winning Name Is…

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Published on September 25th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

(drum roll please…)

We’ve tallied all the votes from our marine remotely operated vehicle (ROV) naming contest and have come up with a winner . . . the Beagle! The ROV’s new moniker celebrates the achievements of Charles Darwin — on his 200th birthday, no less — and his famous research vessel.

The name “Beagle” was the hands-down winner, collecting more than 35 percent of the votes. The ROV will wear its new name proudly when it makes its maiden voyage today in Morro Bay, off California’s Central Coast.

If you’ve ever wondered just who’s living on the ocean floor, now’s your chance to find out. You can follow the Beagle in action as it cruises the ocean depths, capturing on film the rarely seen habitats and often-otherworldly creatures that inhabit the seafloor. See the video above!

This film and video footage provides important data for our marine research team to help protect our marine resources, but it’s also just pretty cool to get a glimpse of what’s happening thousands of feet below the surface!

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote to help us name our newest research team member. Here’s wishing the Beagle bon voyage!

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