Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, September 23

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Published on September 23rd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

President Obama spoke to the United Nations about the importance of climate legislation.  The airline industry’s planning to cut its emissions by 50%.  Some states are thinking about suing power companies.  How are YOU celebrating Climate Week?  You can start by digging into today’s top green stories:

  1. President Obama’s speech on climate change earned mixed reviews, reports Green Inc., ranging from “a forceful argument for swift and bold international action” to  “fell short of expectations…[and provided] no constructive solutions for the challenges ahead.”  Read the text and make your own call.
  2. After a disappointingly scientist-free “international day of action,” activist group Yes Men says that it’s time for scientists to get political and start making their voices heard in the climate change debate (via Wired Science).
  3. Big polluters may finally be held responsible for their contribution to climate change. On Monday, a federal appeals court in New York ruled that a handful of large power utilities can be called upon to defend themselves in court against allegations that their emissions “create a public nuisance,” reports Red Green and Blue.
  4. The aviation industry says it’s planning to cut its carbon emissions in half by 2050 by employing tactics like shortening flight paths and investing in new fuel technologies,  reports GreenBiz.  Also impressive:  The industry says it’ll improve its carbon efficiency by 1.5 percent annually through 2020, and then it’s going carbon-neutral.
  5. The Boston Globe asked architects to design ways to make the city’s stalled building projects look less like stalled building projects, and the results (like an urban garden with wind turbines and solar panels) are way more aesthetically pleasing than half-completed structures and dormant construction equipment  (Hat tip:  Treehugger.)
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