Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 17

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Published on September 17th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Mountain gorillas, salmon, killer whales, even cute bunnies… we’re animal-friendly here at Cool Green Morning. From wild creatures to the latest news on the Senate cap-and-trade vote, we’ve got something that will float your boat in today’s round-up of Cool Green News links.

  1. Can better health care for local people help save endangered mountain gorillas? It all comes down to genetics, says Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka — because humans and gorillas share 98.4% of the same genes, improving public health for Ugandans living near gorilla habitat could reduce disease spread and improve the animal’s survival rates.
  2. In case you need another reason to support efforts to revive salmon populations… a new study shows that populations of killer whales decline when their primary food source — Chinook salmon for killer whales off the coast of British Columbia and Washington — is low.
  3. Will the Senate vote on cap-and-trade legislation get pushed into 2010? Sounds like a possibility. And a delay could mean the United States goes into the global climate change talks at Copenhagen this December with a wishy-washy agenda at best.
  4. Nuclear power as a viable source of clean energy is a hot debate in many places, including Spain. Thus, a new paper from Spanish reserachers that looks at one simple question: Is nuclear a rational economic choice?
  5. What do cute bunnies have to do with the EPA? Absolutely nothing. Which doesn’t stop Grist’s David Roberts from shamelessly peppering his recent article on EPA greenhouse gas regulations with photos and video of the most adorable bunnies we’ve ever seen. Whether for the smart content or the bunny eye-candy, you should check it out.

(Image: Mountain gorilla in Uganda. Source: Chris E Moore via a Creative Commons license.)

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  •  Comment from anon

    Hopefully #4 might convince someone to open a science book and realize the obvious.

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