Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, September 16

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Published on September 16th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Filling your tank with dead trees. Battling climate change with contraception. Robots, toxic waste and the mob. It’s just another Saturday night for some, but for us, it adds up to a pretty wild Cool Green Morning:

  1. Andy Revkin over at Dot Earth asks if, um, family planning might be the “ultimate green technology.” Researchers at the London School of Economics and  the Optimum Population Trust think so — they’re saying that contraception is the greenest technology out there, and that keeping the global population in check is one of the cheapest ways to combat climate change.
  2. The University of Georgia Research Foundation has developed a way to turn dead trees into liquid fuel, reports Atlanta Business Chronicle (via CleanTechnica)– and it could be powering your car as soon as next year.  Hooray!  A biofuel that depends on rising temperatures, droughts and invasive species infestations!
  3. The Associated Press reports that Italian authorities are using a robot submarine to explore a shipwreck that may be carrying radioactive waste dumped by the mob. A former mobster claims that millions of dollars were made by illegally dumping toxic waste in Calabrian waters for northern Italian businesses.  Seriously. (Hat tip: Huffington Post.)
  4. Grist‘s Ask Umbra offers up helpful tips on combating climate change denial. We may have had a cooler-than-usual summer, but there’s a difference between weather and climate, people!
  5. While some claim the bubble has burst, GreenBiz says the concept of “going green” is growing — and it’s more important than ever.
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