Cool Green Morning: Friday, September 11

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Published on September 11th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

From rehabbing injured birds to why your airport runway might need to get longer soon…it’s another action-packed best-daily-green-link roundup known in these parts as Cool Green Morning:

  1. Ever find an injured wild bird and not know what to do? 10,000 Birds now features a very informative Wild Bird Rescue 101. (Rule #2: Never try to put water down a bird’s throat. We could have guessed that wouldn’t work…)
  2. Global warming has made the Arctic Earth’s newest open oceanThe New York Times reports that two cargo ships have crossed the Arctic from South Korea to Rotterdam, the first recorded commercial shipment from Asia to Europe via the Arctic.
  3. The Arctic is also undergoing big ecosystem changes due to climate change, says a new study in Science magazine — including a plummet in caribou calf survival in Greenland because peak plant growth there is now out of sync with the calving season. (Hat tip: Journal Watch Online.)
  4. Weird effect #19,834 of climate change: It could mean that airport’s current runways will become too short, reports Bright Green Blog. (Planes take longer to take off when it’s warmer and more humid.)
  5. The Japanese dolphin-hunting town of Taiji featured in the hit movie “The Cove” will go ahead with its annual hunt of Flippers despite the film’s popularity. (Hat tip: Grist.)
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