Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, September 9

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Published on September 9th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Did you know that there may be a new green fuel that’s literally green?  Or that your GPS does more than  prevent you from getting lost?  Or that the term “climate change” predates “global warming” by more than 50 years?  If not, well, you do now that you’re reading this morning’s roundup of green stories.

  1. Bright Green Blog breaks down the history of “climate change” vs. “global warming,” and finds that “climate change” was here first.
  2. Regional fast food chain Burgerville has opened its drive-thru lanes to bicyclists, reports Treehugger.   Note:  this won’t make your burger-and-fry fixes any healthier– just a little more environmentally friendly.
  3. A recent study has shown that drivers using a GPS device can reduce their emissions by a fairly significant 21%, says Autoblog Green.  That’s a decrease of .79 metric tons of carbon per driver.  (Hat tip:  CleanTechnica.)
  4. The United States military is testing algae-derived diesel fuel, reports Environmental Capital.  If successful, this new development could reduce the need for fuel convoys, and ultimately move the military toward energy independence.
  5. The president of the Maldives plans to levy a climate tax on tourists visiting the tiny archipelago nation, reports Green Inc.  The daily charge of $3 shouldn’t bust travelers’ budgets, but it may help convert the country to using solely renewable energy.
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