Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 8

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Published on September 8th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

We’re all over the map today — from Bangladesh to London, Borneo to France (and the omnipresent Google), Cool Green Morning covers the globe to bring you the top green links of the day

  1. What’s a low-carbon zone? And how will such zones help London reduce it’s overall carbon output? Environmental Leader explains the new system, which should help the UK meet it’s recently launched goal of reducing emissions by 10 percent.
  2. Meanwhile, France is trying a different tactic to reduce carbon emissions — taxing individual household users per ton of CO2 emitted. The tax would start next year at a price of 14 euros ($20 dollars) per ton.
  3. Cooler heads prevail in Bangladesh, where the prime minister has mandated that male government employees should stop wearing suits, jackets and ties to work – all in the name of helping save energy by using less air conditioning.
  4. Google saves the day again. Researchers report that an algorithm similar to the one used by Google to rank web pages could help scientists identify which species extinctions will have the biggest impact on ecosystems.
  5. Flying lemurs, bearcats, orangutans and rat-eating plants face an uncertain future on the island of Borneo, where a plan to build 12 hydroelectric dams across the rainforests of Sarawak state is moving forward despite protests.
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