Cool Green Morning: Friday, Sept. 4

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Published on September 4th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

OK, so today’s Cool Green Morning gives you 1) solutions to climate change, 2) a green thing to do with your iPhone, and 3) a vision of an incandescent-light-bulbless future. All stuff to impress your friends over the Labor Day weekend…all the better to enjoy the day off, United States readers!

  1. What are the best solutions to climate change…and the worst? Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg put together a panel of big brains to rank them, reports Environmental Capital. (Best? Seeding the atmosphere with seawater to increase cloud cover. Worst: A carbon tax.)
  2. Got an iPhone and live in New York City? You can help the U.S. Geological Survey track the city’s cricket and katydid populations — which seem to have disappeared, reports Wired Science.
  3. The Maldives — you know, the island nation that might disappear because of rising sea levels, the island nation that’s vowed to become carbon-neutral by 2020 — yes, The Maldives plans to use coconuts to capture carbon, reports the BBC. (Hat tip: Treehugger.)
  4. Climate change will cause bird species that don’t usually hang out together to start flocking, says a new study in PLoS One. (Hat tip: Journal Watch Online.)
  5. Europe has banned new sales of incandescent light bulbs! How are they going to make that possibly work? EcoGeek’s Hank Green says it’s a vision of the future for the United States, which has a similar ban “looming in 2012.”)
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