Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Sept. 3

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Published on September 3rd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Some days, you just have to give in and say: Yes, it really is all about climate change. At least the links are always interesting here at Cool Green Morning:

  1. How is climate change like an epileptic seizure? Climate Feedback reports on two new studies warning that a “flickering” between pre-tipping and post-tipping point conditions often preshadows a seismic climatic shift.
  2. India says its greenhouse gas emissions are will triple by 2031 — but that’s still lower per-capita than the global average, a fact that’s part of the country’s negotiating position going into Copenhagen, says Dot Earth.
  3. Will a U.S. Senate delay on the climate bill harm global climate talks in Copenhagen in December? Most analysts say yes, but The Vine says not so fast.
  4. Why are there always these wildfires in California? Bright Green Blog has a good run down of the latest science and thinking. The Vine (again) says the fires have once again focused attention on climate change and its reduction of snowpack in the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas (which leads to less water runoff, which leads to more fires…)
  5. From the Weird Geoengineering to Stop Climate Change Department: Could a forest of 100,000 artificial trees stop carbon emissions from depleted oil and gas fields? A new Institution of Mechanical Engineers study says…maybe. (Hat tip: Inhabitat.)
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