Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 1

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Published on September 1st, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

If you could only recapture your car’s waste and use it for electricity…if you could only hoard all the Earth’s rare metals…if you could only keep Greenland from melting…then you wouldn’t need to read today’s Cool Green Morning. I bet you have to, though…

  1. From the Sounds Like a Perpetual Motion Machine Department: CleanTechnica reports that Amerigon Incorporated is working on a car that recaptures waste energy from its exhaust and recycles it into electricity.
  2. Dot Earth’s Andy Revkin goes fishing with a biologist and master angler who says you must always throw the big fish back — to keep being able to fish.
  3. The rare earth metals that are essential to hybrid motors are starting to run low, says EcoGeek’s Hank Green — and that could spell trouble for green tech innovation. Environmental Leader says China — which has 70% of such metals — is considering a ban on their export.
  4. “Precycling” — buying products that have recyclable packaging or components that are easy to recycle — is a hot green trend. But Heidi Tolliver-Nigro at The Inspired Economist says it’s getting oversold and might work against real sustainability.
  5. Summer sea ice will disappear from the Arctic by 2015, according to research presented reported in Mongabay. In other cheery news, Greenland is melting.
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