Cool Green Morning: Friday, August 28

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Published on August 28th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Salmon return to Paris, green consumers are kind of self-centered and maybe even dumb, and it’s illegal to drive without your headlights on in Copenhagen — just a few of the many things we found for you today in Cool Green Morning:

  1. Conventional agriculture erodes farmland “at a rate similar to the biggest glaciers and rivers in the world,” says the author of a new study in Nature GeoScience — and that land is not getting remade. (Hat tip: Dot Earth.)
  2. If you clean it, they will come (back) — Atlantic salmon are once again swimming in the Seine River after a 15-year effort to improve the water’s quality, reports EcoWorldly.
  3. What did that expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch find? Weird fish with eyes that look upward and a surprising symbiosis between garbage and marine life, says EcoWorldly.
  4. A new study of “green” consumers says they go green to save money instead of saving the environment — and that almost 50% think that CO2 depletes the ozone layer, not causes climate change. (Hat tip: GreenBiz.)
  5. It’s 100 days left until the Copenhagen climate summit begins — so Grist put together 100 things you didn’t know about Copenhagen…including that it’s legal to sunbathe topless there and sunlight averages an hour a day in December. (Two things that don’t go together.)
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