Cool Green Morning: Monday, August 10

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Published on August 10th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Ants attacking honeybees? The Pacific Ocean’s “giant patch of garbage” being a little patchy? Bjorn Lomborg reversing himself on climate change? It’s shaping up to be a “do the opposite” kind of week — and Cool Green Morning kicks it off for you below:

  1. The new threat to honeybees? “Rasberry crazy” ants, reports Associated Press — which are also threaten to electronics, sewage pumps and (of course) picknickers. (They go after bee larvae and then take over a hive. Hat tip: 60-Second Science.)
  2. You’ve heard of the giant patch of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, right? Now you can follow a scientific expedition into the middle of the patch on Seaplex, which is finding less plastic than feared but where scientist Chelsea Rochman calls what they’re seeing “legitimately sad.” (Hat tip: Blogfish.)
  3. The Christian Science Monitor‘s Bright Green Blog reports that “climate spam” — blog comments that are identical, off-topic and vaguely propagandistic in their skepticism about climate change — are inundating the blogosphere.
  4. The New York Times editorializes this morning that the U.S. climate bill is in danger through politics of turning into just another energy bill — which, the paper says, won’t be enough to address climate change.
  5. From the Pigs Flying department — Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, now tells the Financial Times that “we need a global deal on climate.” (But he’s says no to a treaty that cuts greenhouse gas emissions, and yes to one that invests in new green tech, adapting to climate change, and planting more forests. Hat tip: Climate Feedback.)
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