Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, August 4

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Published on August 4th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Feeling sluggish this morning? Our top five Cool Green Morning news links will perk you up!

  1. Are kids getting enough exposure to nature? The opinion of one New York Times columnist is  “no.” Read his editorial… and find out why kids need to know what happens when you lick a banana slug.
  2. Take it from a former Habitat for Humanity volunteer: the house-building nonprofit can put up a lot of homes, fast. So it’s encouraging to hear that Habitat will be training some staff on building homes to EPA green building standards through a program of the Home Depot Foundation.
  3. Will Yosemite soon be void of its big trees? The USGS recently released a survey that found trees in Yosemite are getting smaller. The reason? Well, take a guess… could be climate change.
  4. Are people as short-sighted about the environment as they are with money? In a new study, researchers asked participants a series of questions about short-term versus long-term environmental gains — such as, would you rather have 22 days of good air quality now, or 31 days next year? Check out the findings.
  5. A few weeks ago, our blogger wroter about violence in the Peruvian Amazon over forest resources. Now, Mongabay reports that the bloodshed was all for naught as an oil company prepares to move in to the rainforest that villagers tried to defend.

(Image: banana slug. Source: Maveric2003 via a Creative Commons license.)

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