Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 31

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Published on July 31st, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Your green horoscope for today: Every piece of bad news has a piece of good news, too. (Kind of like when a door closes, a window opens — except that your apartment is probably on the 22nd floor.) Learn more in these five glass-half-empty, glass-half-full green links, fresh from Al Gore’s brainchild:

  1. A new global poll says 73% of people around the world “want their governments to put climate change at the top of the political agenda,” reports The Guardian — but only 44% of Americans agree with that sentiment. (83% of Germans think their country has done more than enough already. Hat tip: Environmental Capital.)
  2. More numbers — 63% of all seafood stocks are overfished, says a new Science paper — but more than half of the depleted species could recover if protected, reports The Washington Post.
  3. Call it speed-dating for rides: A new Facebook app called Zimride connects prospective ride sharers — with the advantage that people can peruse each other’s FB pages to see if they’ll have stuff to talk to when stuck in traffic. (Downside: You have to spend even more precious time on Facebook. Hat tip: 60-Second Science.)
  4. Remember the 1970s panic about an imminent new Ice Age? Climate change deniers say there’s a parallel to today’s concern about global warming — but Bright Green Blog’s Eoin O’Carroll says there’s just no comparison.
  5. Wanna be a green spy? The BBC’s Richard Black reports the Environmental Investigation Agency is holding a competition for undercover investigations of eco-crimes — although Black says such deep cover tactics are passe in the environmental movement.
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 31

  •  Comment from Scott

    Thanks for the headlines, and in particular the new paper indicating that 63% of all seafood stocks are overfished. I hope that all this press from individuals, scientists, and conservation organizations will ultimately drive a change in attitudes before many stocks reach a point beyond repair. We [society] seem to have a nasty habit of waiting for dire straits before conservation practices are put in place (Present company excluded). But, I still have hope and will continue to promote conservation and education… and support TNC.

    Keep up the good work!

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