Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 24

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Published on July 24th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

A bird beak that’s an HVAC system (see infrared time-lapse video above)? A whole country pledges to go waste-free? The Colorado River to go completely dry? All part of the five best green links this and every morning in Cool Green Morning. (Aren’t you glad we do this?)

  1. The toucan bird uses its beak to heat and cool itself by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes, according to a new Science magazine study reported in Wired Science.
  2. Wales — the homeland of Dylan Thomas, Bertrand Russell and Catherine Zeta-Jones (you thought I was going to say Sean Connery, didn’t you?) — has pledged to be self-sustaining in renewable energy by 2025…and waste-free by 2050, reports Green Futures. (Hat tip: CleanTechnica.)
  3. Could all the Colorado River’s reservoirs run dry? A new study says it’s a tossup by 2057, reports PlanetSave.
  4. A house that heats itself? Without fancy technology from Germany? Green Tech’s Martin LaMonica reports on a new movement to bring very low-energy homes “within reach of everyday building professionals.”
  5. Lighter Footstep lists 30 things you should never recycle or compost. (What do you mean, no tires?)
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