Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, July 21

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Published on July 21st, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

What do green jobstrash systems and shark attacks have to do with each other? They’re all part of today’s Cool Green Morning news round-up. Intrigued? Just read on…

  1. Green jobs skeptic Marc Gunther thinks a program modeled after Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps — which helped build state and national parks in the 1930s — could be the best way to create jobs and benefit people and nature.
  2. Grist reviews the NRDC’s Smarter Cities project, which ranks the most sustainable U.S. cities based on a number of green categories including air quality, public transportation and recylcing. Top city on the list? Seattle.
  3. Ever wonder what happens to your trash after you put it in the bin? A new study by MIT called “Trash Track” uses electronic tags attached to trash items in order to find out just what happens from disposal to dump.
  4. At this point, his words may fall on deaf ears, but Red Green & Blue’s Timothy Hurst makes an argument for carbon tax over cap-and-trade, laying out six advantages of the straight tax.
  5. Shark attacks are many people’s worst nightmare (mine included). So you gotta give a hand to the nine survivors of shark attacks who last week lobbied the Senate to enact the Shark Conservation Act of 2009, which would support shark conservation world-wide and enforce efforts to reduce finning.
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