Cool Green Morning: Thursday, July 16

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Published on July 16th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

No surprises here — this morning’s round-up is all about climate change. With a chicken thrown in for good measure. Read on for all the top Cool Green News you need.

  1. Has Steven Chu been tasked with the impossible: convincing China to take serious steps to combat climate change? Environmental Capital assesses.
  2. Environmental Leader’s Andy Mannle asks a big question: Could climate change be the end of the developed world?
  3. The Alps form the border between Switzerland and Italy. But what happens now that the Alps are receding and that border is moving northward? Eoin O’Carroll at Bright Green Blog considers how national borders could be redrawn by climate change.
  4. A lot of people had a lot of strong feelings about Sarah Palin’s recent op-ed in the Washington Post. Green Inc. takes a look at John Kerry’s heated response in the Huffington Post.
  5. Cluck-cluck… city councils across the country are debating the merits and disadvantages of allowing homeowners to keep chickens in their yards.
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