Cool Green Morning: Monday, July 13

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Published on July 13th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Sea-level rise due to climate change — will it be much worse than once thought? Cool Green Morning has your answer, along with the rest of the day’s most interesting green links. Hurry up and read it while you’re still above water…

  1. Has the science on sea-level rise due to climate change been too optimistic? New Scientist reports that most scientists now see a one-meter rise in sea level by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t curbed. Ahoy! (Hat tip: The Vine.)
  2. The father of the Chevy Volt is returning to General Motors a few months after announcing his retirement, reports Environmental Capital — and Volt conspiracy theorists speculate that’s great news for the electric car’s future.
  3. Triple Pundit says Google’s new Chrome OS computer operating software will be much more eco-friendly than whatever Microsoft OS you’re running now, especially on netbooks. (No word on how it stacks up against Mac OSs.)
  4. It’s summer — the season retailers overly air condition their stores (and then leave their doors open to entice you in). Green Inc. reports that this trend is energy wasteful, but not going away anytime soon.
  5. Looking for a house, but don’t want to use your car to commute to and from it? Low Impact Living says Estately mashes up real estate listings with how walkable, cyclable, or public transportationable those properties are.

(Image: Graph of change in annual averaged sea level in the 20th century at 23 geologically stable tide gauge sites around the globe. Source: Bruce C. Douglas (1997). “Global Sea Rise: A Redetermination.” Surveys in Geophysics 18: 279-292. Credit: Wikipedia through a Wikimedia Commons license.)

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