Cool Green Morning: Thursday, July 9

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Published on July 9th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

We’re all about asking the tough questions this morning. Like, is climate modelling really meaningful? Do some plants “want” to burn? And is the roundabout making a comeback? Read on for all the Cool Green News you need.

  1. Is predicting the effects of climate change as unlikely as finding bigfoot? A not-so-unique study involving a mythical creature concludes that climate modelling can be very misleading.
  2. Evolutionary biologist Olivia Judson debates the “torch-me” hypothesis, which says that the most flammable plants found in fire-prone areas evolved this way because they “want” to burn.
  3. A new study says wildlife in Kenya aren’t doing any better inside national parks than outside, with respective declines of 41 percent and 38 percent. Interestingly, wildlife populations at private sanctuaries are faring better.
  4. Short Sharp Science says hogwash to the G8. Environmental correspondent Fred Pearce contends that a pledge of cutting emissions by 50 percent in order to keep global warming within the 2 degree Celsius tipping point would be “scientifically illiterate.”
  5. They’re safer, more convenient, and they just might help reduce emissions — it’s the return of the roundabout (or rotary, where I come from).
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