Cool Green Morning: Monday, July 6

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Published on July 6th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Today’s links: Climate change, climate change, climate change, and…climate change. Along with an electric motorcycle that costs in the five figures, which also probably has something to do with climate change. Enjoy!

  1. Why climate change is bad for you, Chapter 10,456: Oxfam warns that rising temperatures will degrade worker productivity by up to 30 percent in cities like New Delhi — and trade patterns will also shift, hurting poorer countries. (Hat tip: Green Inc.)
  2. But is climate change obscuring the world’s other big environmental problems? The BBC’s Richard Black takes a thorough look.
  3. Climate change could also make the Galapagos — which are tropical — deserts, says a new study by University of Washington researchers. (Hat tip: SciencePunk.)
  4. Leaders of the G8 countries are ready to talk turkey about climate change at this week’s summit, reports the BBC and the Guardian newspaper — with President Obama also ready to back emissions limits to keep rising temperatures at no more than 2 degrees. (Hat tip: The Great Beyond.)
  5. Best Buy is now selling electric bicycles, scooters and Segways, reports CNet’s Green Tech — including the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycles, which retails for only $11,995.
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