Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 30

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Published on June 30th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

With our counterpart on week two of a European vacation, it’s no wonder that Cool Green Morning has Europe on the mind… or maybe it’s because those Europeans are so progressive when it comes to cap-and-trade and universal cell phone chargers? Read on for all the top news, from here and abroad.

  1. Universal cell phone chargers are finally here! Well, by here, we mean Europe. And it’s not just a matter of convenience — universal chargers will help cut down on several thousand tons of waste a year.
  2. Climate change policy is now moving through the U.S. government, but the question still remains: will a cap-and-trade system actually work to reduce carbon emissions? To help answer it, The Vine examines the only real-world example there is, the EU’s Emissions Trading system.
  3. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is pushing the solar movement along. On Monday, he announced that 670,000 acres of publicly-owned lands in the Southwest will be examined for their potential to support large spreads of solar panels
  4. Using algae to turn carbon dioxide into fuel might just become a reality… plans to build a demonstration plant are expected to be announced soon.
  5. A new study says breaking down levees along the Mississippi River might not be enough to stem the loss of marshlands and further erosion of Louisiana’s coastline.
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