Cool Green Morning: Thursday, June 25

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Published on June 25th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Can social media save the world? Are cancers affecting wildlife now? This morning’s Cool Green News round-up has all the stories you need to know about, so look no further… just read on.

  1. Haven’t caught on to social media like Twitter yet? Now might be the time, because the U.N. is hoping it will help bring the world to meanginful action on climate change at Copenhagen this December. Check out their new site “Hopenhagen” and submit an answer to the question, “What gives you hope for a better planet?”
  2. Treehugger offers a country-by-country look at water footprints, examining which countries are the biggest offenders (can you guess who tops the list?) and which have low water footprints but still face some big water problems.
  3. With a title like the “Gigaton Throwdown Initiative“, you’d expect something big, right? The so-named report from Sunil Paul doesn’t disappoint. The venture capitalist released his findings yesterday on the eight clean energy technologies capable of delivering carbon reductions of a billion tons (or one gigaton) by 2020.
  4. Cancer is the focus of many doctors’ research and life work, but now wildlife biologists are getting into the game. That’s because cancers in wildlife are on the rise, and threatening some species with extinction, says a new report.
  5. The plight of environmental refugees is highlighted in Dot Earth with the story of one journalist trying to cover the drought-driven diaspora in sub-Saharan Africa.
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