Cool Green Morning: Thursday, June 18

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Published on June 18th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Saving gorillas in Cameroon, going energy-independent in San Jose, cleaning up explosives with native grasses… all the Cool Green News you need is just a click away.

  1. Can fish think like humans? A study of the nine-spined stickleback found that these common fish might have a social learning ability never before seen in other animals. What’s their trick? Read the article to find out. (Hat-tip: Environmental News Network.)
  2. The city of San Jose set a goal of becoming 100 percent energy independent. Now they’re one step closer after signing an agreement to establish the nation’s first facility to turn organic waste into biofuel (a technology that’s already popular in Europe). 
  3. New research shows that native grasses not only help rid the soil of common herbicides, they help with explosive contanimants like TNT as well.
  4. Could plant-based fuels actually perform better than oil in aircrafts? A group from Boeing who have been studying it say yes.
  5. Thirty days to save gorillas in Cameroon — that’s what conservation group Wildlife Works is up against. The group found large populations of gorillas, elephants, mandrills and chimpanzees in a tract of rainforest the government wants to log, but must come up with a competitive alternative to the logging within a month or logging plans will go forward.
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