Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, June 17

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Published on June 17th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Did you miss our lead scientist Sanjayan’s appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman” on Monday? Watch part 1 in the video above and part 2 here…and see how Letterman thinks we’re all doomed by climate change, despite Dr. S’s best efforts to convince him otherwise. Then read the rest of today’s top green links below…which are not all that much cheerier. (Sorry — we’re just the messenger.)

  1. $10 a gallon gasoline? That’s what Elon Musk — the founder of PayPal (and now chair of Tesla, the electric-car manufacturer) — says it’ll take to pay for all the environmental damage fossil fuels have and will create, reports Environmental Capital.
  2. Did an orangutan lose its home for your dinner table? You might know soon: A new program in Britain — the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project — will push corporations to reveal how their business practices lead to tropical deforestation, reports Environmental Leader.
  3. Is consumer power enough to turn the world green? Joel Makower reviews Daniel Goleman’s new book Environmental Intelligence (about the market for “green” products) and has serious doubts.
  4. Talk about biblical sounding plagues — poisonous snakes that used to live in southern Iraq’s marshes have moved into towns and are killing cows and people, now that those marshes have gone dry from water diversion and less rain. (Hat tip: 60-Second Science.)
  5. It’s now known around here as the David Letterman question — why aren’t humans getting it about climate change? Dot Earth reports more scientists are blaming…scientists’ bad communication habits.
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