Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 15

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Published on June 15th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

I count four out of five hot green links in today’s Coolness as incontrovertibly positive! That’s some kind of record…and if you don’t like windy days (and I don’t), it’s five out of five. Read on, and get happy…

  1. President Obama announced Friday he’s creating the Ocean Policy Task Force to craft a U.S. national policy for sustainably managing America’s oceans — and environmentalists applaud.
  2. Treehugger offers 7 absolutely new, not-including-brick-in-the-toilet-or-low-flow-showerhead ways to conserve water — including reusing your dehumidifier water and cooking water (not one for the other…at, least, not from what I can tell).
  3. The first study of where environmental refugees go shows that most just head for nearby villages or countries — not European or American shores, reports Climate Feedback.
  4. Wind speeds in the United States have dropped 15-30 percent over the last 30 years, says a forthcoming study in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. It might not mean a problem for wind power, but it will have adverse consequences for agriculture (which needs ventilation), says one co-author.  (Hat tip: Green Inc.)
  5. Today is North American Nature Photography Day! But if you can’t join the North American Nature Photography Association, take a photo today and upload it by June 19, then send your best nature images to The Nature Conservancy’s 2009 Nature Photo Contest. (It doesn’t close until October 15.)
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  •  Comment from dave

    Here’s a greener road to travel
    A typical car wash lasting 10 minutes uses approximately 100 gallons of water. What if we could conserve hundreds of gallons of water in one week. Go to a local car wash that uses recycled water or use an eco-friendly waterless car wash.
    It takes only 15 minutes, is effective and uses no water

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