Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 9

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Published on June 9th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It’s a pick-your-poison kind of day: ocean acidification, cow methane, Amazon rainforest destruction or Wind Turbine Syndrome? But don’t despair: today’s round-up of Cool Green News features plenty of hope that people are trying to make a difference (just watch the trailer above).

  1. One man’s quest to learn more about ocean acidification has resulted in a documentary film and a lot of buzz. Check out the trailer for A Sea Change and read Grist’s account of the film.
  2. The Guardian reports on a struggle between Peru’s indigenous people and oil and mining industry that resulted in violence this weekend. The indigneous tribes were protesting against projects that would develop the Amazon rainforest. (Hat-tip: The Vine.)
  3. The Department of Energy must be shaking its head today: an internal audit showed that the DOE isn’t following its own energy-saving tips to shut down computer monitors during periods of non-use.
  4. Yep, cow belching is a real contributor to global warming. But one farm in Vermont is trying to get their cows to belch less methane by introducing a change in diet, with positive results: they’ve seen an 18 percent reduction in methane output so far.
  5. Wind turbines have a storm to weather, says Red Green and Blue. A growing movement fears that wind turbines, with their low-spectrum sound waves, could be hazardous to human health. What do you think about Wind Turbine Syndrome?
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