Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 8

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Published on June 8th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Climate change, oceans and fish, water in the West… we’ve got all of today’s important topics gathered in one convenient place for you. Enjoy your Cool Green Morning news.

  1. Blogfish honors World Oceans Day with a round-up of the best in ocean blogging while over at Grist, Carl Safina offers some insight into why jellyfish are becoming more abundant (hint: it has to do with warmer waters and overfishing, two biggies when it comes to ocean decline).
  2. Red Green and Blue reports on a Colorado law that makes collecting water with rain barrels illegal. Guess it just goes to show what a hot commodity water is in the West…
  3. Which is worse for the environment, flying or taking the train? Most of us probably would say air travel, but a new study says the two are nearly equal when you take into account the infrastructure that supports each.
  4. At Bonn last week, a consortium of 16 organizations issued a brief saying fisheries need to be represented in climate change policy discussions as much as freshwater and agriculture.
  5. Orville Schell opines in Yale Environment 360 that the key — and challenge — to the Copenhagen climate change talks this December will be bridging the large abyss between China and the United States.
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