Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 5

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Published on June 5th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

350 versus 450? If you don’t know what that question means, you soon will — it’s going to be a huge point of discussion this December at international climate change talks. On the other hand, you could just watch the video from above and then read this morning’s Cool Greeness, thereby equipping you to impress your friends with your climate expertise over this weekend’s grill party…which you all walked to, we hope…

  1. Have we already passed the tipping point for catastrophic climate change — or do we have a little wiggle room? Green Inc. reports there’s a heated debate going about atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide that pits the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change against the likes of Al Gore and Bill McKibben — and that could inform negotiations at the climate change summit in Copenhagen.
  2. Could GM soon stand for “Greener Mobility”? Green business blogger Joel Makower sees signs that make him optimistic.
  3. Can carbon markets really save orangutans? A new study in the journal Conservation Letters says yes — and the pygmy elephant, the sun bear, and 37 other threatened mammal species in Indonesian Borneo. (Hat tip: 60-Second Science.)
  4. Mass migrations of 24 large herbivore species are declining, reports the journal Endangered Species Research — everything from zebras and wildebeest in Africa to bison and elk in North America. The culprit? Human land use. (Hat tip: Journal Watch Online.)
  5. White nose syndrome has killed so many bats in the United States that their absence is threatening humans, a U.S. House of Representatives committee hearing heard yesterday. The logic: Bats eat huge numbers of insects that otherwise would destroy crops and spread disease. (Hat tip: The Great Beyond.)
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