Cool Green Morning: Thursday, June 4

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Published on June 4th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

It’s all about global climate change today, from the Middle East to Africa and China to the Pacific Islands. Find out what’s going on around the world in our roundup of Cool Green Morning news.

  1. As if Israel and Palestine don’t have enough differences, a new report from the World Bank highlights the challenges with their water-sharing system.
  2. Another report on the Middle East, this one from the Institute for Sustainable Development, says climate change will make the Levant significantly hotter and drier within the next 40 years, with water again surfacing as the main issue.
  3. How will Africa cope with climate change? Climate Feedback says African nations need to work together to make their voice heard among all the developing nations clamoring for climate change funding sources.
  4. Can — and will — the United States tackle global climate change policy without the cooperation of China? Environmental Capital reviews the latest thinking.
  5. A new film about environmental refugees is opening at the online film festival Media That Matters. The film “The Next Wave” profiles the people of the Carterets Islands and their search for a new home — watch it online for free.
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