Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, June 3

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Published on June 3rd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Cool Green Morning fearlessly wades into the cat vs. songbird controversy…not to mention penguin poop, wind power vs. solar power, and the evils of idling cars. Go explore in the links below — if you dare…

  1. Will trapping and neutering feral cats reduce cat predation on songbirds? The Humane Society of the United States is pushing such efforts — but Dot Earth reports bird advocates are skeptical (see video from the American Bird Conservancy above).
  2. Scientists are using satellite imagery to spot new penguin colonies in Antarctica with satellite imagery…not of the penguins themselves, but their collective reddish-brown poop stains. (Hat tip: Treehugger.)
  3. Is a future of wind power all hot air? Yes, because it lacks backup, says Jack Steinberg, a Nobel Prize winner in physics and the director of CERN’s particle-physics laboratory. (He’s pushing a big solar pilot project in North Africa.) (Hat tip: Green Tech.)
  4. Nicholas Stern, former chief economist at the World Bank and author of an influential review of the economics of climate change, says Western countries should take ownership of part of the greenhouse gas emissions of China and India. (Hat tip: Geoffrey Lean in Grist.)
  5. A Wall Street broker who calls himself The Verdant Vigilante is waging a way against idling cars and their needless emissions in New York City, reports Inhabitat. (He’s had more than 1,400 confrontations.)
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