Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 15

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Published on May 15th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Water wars, potato chips and southern flying squirrels, all in one place? Ladies and gentlemen, your daily dose of Cool Green news.

  1. Want to know how your state is doing on developing climate change policies? A new tool called State Climate Policy Tracker puts it all together in one handy spreadsheet.
  2. When Lay’s announces its potato chips are a locally grown food, you know the local food movement might be in trouble. Green Biz and Red Green and Blue ponder the madness.
  3. A city in Belgium has declared one day a week as “Veggie Day,” asking all citizens to give up meat to help save the planet. They project an 18 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for that one day. Those progressive Europeans… 
  4. Do water shortages really cause wars, or is the phrase “water wars” just hyperbole? Seed magazine asked seven experts to answer the question and discuss potential future conflicts. (Hat-tip: Scienceblogs.)
  5. A new study reports that some common critters in Michigan — including common opossums, eastern chipmunks and southern flying squirrels — are moving northward due to habitat changes caused by a changing climate.
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